Fall 2020 and COVID-19


Fun and Fit will be operating FULL DAY programming to support families who need childcare solutions. We will continue to offer 2, 3, 4, and 5 day options to our families and support the needs of the AM and PM cohorts, as well as full day virtual-only learners.

During the Spring, Fun and Fit was open as an Emergency Child Care center serving the families of first responders, healthcare workers, teachers, and other essential personnel. We learned a tremendous amount during that time and will leverage the experiences as we move forward into the Fall.

Operational Changes

The State has imposed significant operating restrictions on all child care providers. They are, of course, all aimed at ensuring the health of students and their families as well as our staff. There are strict rules about cohorting:

  • grouping no more than 10 children together keeping that grouping together day after day with limited change in staff
  • physical separation – each cohort must be physically separated (and remain so) from other cohorts and shared spaces should be disinfected between each cohort using them (this should include restrooms, play ground areas, etc.)
  • mask wearing for staff and students
  • enhanced cleaning and disinfecting requirements for toys, general and high-touch surfaces
  • increased food handling precautions.

These rules, however, also limit the capacity of childcare centers and increase costs due to increased staffing needs.

Our Approach

Fun and Fit is ready to support the child care needs of our community.

Whether you child is in the AM /PM cohort at HTS or a two day in-person 3 day on-line from South Harrison, or a full-time Remote Learner,  we can help.      Fun and Fit will be providing services for each cohort, before and after school as part of our program.  For many working families flexibility is critical.  From early morning drop offs to evening pick up, Fun and Fit’s dedicated staff will mange the daily needs of your child.

  • Car side health screenings at drop off
  • We will get your child on and off their bus(es) when going to and from HTSD schools
  • Meals and Snacks
    • Need to eat breakfast with us?  You can drop you child off with breakfast and we will take it from there.
    • Lunch is BYO, but we facilitate
    • We provide snacks at two times during the day (AM and PM) students while they are here
  • We will support the on-line remote learning:
    • On our robust technology platform
    • helping them connect and interact with the technology platforms
    • by monitoring for active participation and keeping students engaged in their sessions (keeping distraction potential low)
    • providing at the shoulder support for academic needs during and after on-line sessions
    • supporting homework and reading requirements as needed
  • Keeping your child engaged and active in physical activities, crafts, and games until they are picked up

Upping our game

Meeting the needs of the new remote learning environment requires a robust technology platform to ensure seamless connectivity and limited frustration.

We have invested in high speed wi-fi routers and significantly increased our Internet bandwidth to support the high demand of live video conference tools.  We have purchased a high-capacity multi-function printer to support printing needs, and have several laptops in place to support on-line research. We feel very confident that our program has the necessary components to keep our students safe, learning effectively, and having fun.

As a side note, during the Spring, we also completed work on a picnic area and our outdoor, 6000 sq/ft fenced play area with rubber mulch surfacing and plenty of equipment and supplies to keep the students active and engaged.

Questions? Next Steps?

You can learn more about our normal operations, play options, etc. by visiting our 2020-2021 School Year page HERE.

Download our 2020-2021 School Year Registration Package on the Documents Page.

If you are interested in any details of our planned Fall operations please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are able to provide tours of the facility after hours (state requirement) and are available to answer questions at any time by phone, email, or through our website.

We are taking reservations for the Fall program – our enrollment will be limited due to the state requirements and enrollment is on a first come basis. Please email us at funandfit@comcast.net or call 856-816-1537 to be placed on the reservation list. We will contact you with registration materials soon after.