About our Program

Our goal is to create an environment and programming that enrich your school age child’s experience before and after school hours.  We combine academic support, physical development, and creative play into a unique experience for your child(ren).

We feature a structured and high-energy physical activity curriculum.  Activities includes Parkour Skills, Obstacle Courses (Ninja Warrior without the water!), Relays, Yoga, Tai Chi, and more.   The activities focus on development of gross motor skills, kinetic awareness, balance, strength and endurance.

We offer homework support, support for HTS/PVS reading programs (SSR). Laptops are available for academic support (Khan Academy, Reflex Math, and on-line research).   Fun and Fit features Amazon Dots and Google devices for curiosity questions, music, and homework/reading timers.  We incorporate our Character Development and Academic Achievement Recognition programs aimed at increasing pride in the educational experience and building life and citizenship skills.

A typical day at Fun and Fit will include arrival via school bus or private transportation, a structured physical activity session, snack time, then reading and homework time, followed by creative play and crafts. The program does include morning care.

We offer age appropriate seminars on topics including Cyber Safety, Anti-abduction techniques, Bully Prevention strategies, Nutrition/Healthy eating and other engaging topics.

We offer monthly Parent’s Night Out activities (usually Saturday evenings).