Summer Camp 2022 Program

Welcome to our Summer Camp Page

As of May 26th our Summer Program is Full.   

We will continue to accept names for our waitlist until June 10th.

Thank you for visiting our Camp Fun and Fit 2022 program page.  The details of our program are listed below and included a summary of each of our 11 weeks including our field trip schedule.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have made every effort to finalize the program specifics as of March 1st given the information we have available.   We have not been able to confirm not be able to confirm all of the field trips we expect to offer nor verify we will have access to the Raccoon Valley Swim Club for open swims.   Changes may be necessary as we progress through the coming months.   We appreciate you understanding an patience.

Spots in our summer program fill up quickly and enrollment is limited.

Download the Summer Camp Registration Package HERE.

Summer Camp 2022 and COVID-19

We look forward to offering the most engaging and “funest” summer camp experience possible this summer.   We expect that many of the restrictions we have operated under in the past two years will be lifted and that the venues we want to use as field trips will be accepting groups.

Important Notes

  • We are licensed to serve K-6th grade students in our program.
    • We can accept a limited number of 4 year olds.  They must be enrolled in kindergarten in the fall or siblings of K-6th grade enrollees.
  • With some exception, we group the children by age/grade – K-3rd and 4th-6th Grade
  • Our Summer Camp Program Hours will be 7:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Our phone number is 856-418-1592.
  • How to request a Registration Packet:
    • You may go to the DOCUMENTS menu and download a PDF file
    • Send an Email to to request a copy
    • Or call us 856-418-1592
    • If you call or e-mail we will your child(ren)’s name on our Summer Program wait list for 1 week while we await your registration packet.

Summer Camp Program Themes

Please note that the cost of transportation for field trips is included in full-time tuition.   Some field trips will have an additional fee associated with them.   Unless otherwise specified, field trips are scheduled for Fridays. Please see the table below for details on the field trip costs.

We expect to have an agreement with the Raccoon Valley Swim Club for 1-2 days of Open Swim per week.  We are planning for Tuesdays and Thursdays most weeks.

We are revisiting several popular themes this year.  They have been updated to be fresh treatments of the topic(s).

Opening Week – June 20th – June 24th

We will be ready to go when school is over.  This week is about free play, crafts, and structured physical activities. The week ends with a blow-up activity in the play space (Blow up obstacle course, etc.)

Team Sports Week – June 27th – July 1st

We will teach the basics of team sports like (baseball/T-Ball, kickball, Soccer, volleyball/Nukum, badminton, Frisbee Golf)

An age/skill/experience appropriate focus on general rules, positions, strategies, and plenty of practice time to hone skills (gross and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, team work, sportsmanship etc.)

This week is perfect for both the seasoned sports veteran, and a child who might not have played team sports before.

Life’s a Picnic  – July 5th – July 8th

Outdoor lunch time and various picnic game favorites span this week which culminates in a big catered Picnic Lunch with Hotdog, Burgers etc. corn on the cob, and water ice dessert.

Time around the fire pit roasting marshmallow and telling of stories about “Charlie – the vanilla snipe”.

STEM Week (Flight, Geology, and Electricity)– July 11th – July 15th

Science plays a role in everyday life.  We will explore flight (Physics and Flight/Rocketry), Geology, and electricity with activities that are fun to do and teach key topics in basic science.  Each age group will explore flight with age appropriate activities.

The Older group (PVS) will build participate in an ESTES Rocket educational Curriculum.  They will learn about the forces involved in rocketry.  They will each build a rocket from a provided kit, and the group will launch them as part of our field trip to a local park.

The younger group (Grade K-3) will build simple paper and balsawood planes,  balloon powered helicopters and rockets, and fly them at our field trip.

Lego Master Week – July 18th – July 22nd

A week built around building Lego based structures.  The children will work in small groups to assemble age appropriate Lego Models.  We will redux some of the previous builds and introduce new Lego Models that are age appropriate.

Various academic tie ins will be made as well as the history of the Lego phenomena

The field trip this week will be to Lego Land.

Ninja Warrior / Parkour Skills week  July 25th  – July 29th

A week dedicated to teaching Parkour basics (Level 1) and running obstacle courses.   No climbing of any significance, but the campers will be challenged by indoor and outdoor obstacle courses.

Our Field Trip this week will be to Washington Twp Parkour

Dino Week – Aug 1st – Aug 5th

Dinosaurs and more.   We will explore the word of dinosaurs with fossil digs, dino crafts and more.   We will have our own mini-fossil dig and either a field trip to one of the local museums with Dino Exhibits or a in-house presentation from the Rowan Paleontology Department.   Stay Tuned for the details.

Quite a Character (Super Hero/Game Character / Fairy Tale Week) (Aug 8th – 13)

A theme focused on favorite gaming characters, super heroes and fairy tales.   We will explore the themes of many super hero and fairy tale stories.

The campers will answer the question:  “If I were a super hero?” by “building” their own super hero persona, their super powers, how they would use them and why, and what their costume would look like, etc.

Our field trip this week will be to Storybook Land!

Into the Great Outdoors (Animals/Bugs/Fish) (Aug 15th – Aug 21st)

A look at various animals, fish, and bugs around us and throughout the world and discussion of the diversity in the animal kingdom.    There will be daily age appropriate nature walks through Mullica Hill area focusing on wildlife observation and collection.  Campers will focus on the topics of invasive species and the delicate balance balance of a local eco-system.

Our older grouping will do an ecology walk though the Mullica Hill pond area.  (Old sneakers are suggested that day).

Our field trip this week is to the Cape May Zoo.

Water Fun Week – Aug 22rd – Aug 26th

Water is a great part of our everyday life – it keeps life alive on our planet, powers our homes, cleans our clothes.   We use it for all kinds of sports and fun activities.

We will explore the Water Cycle on earth, From the power of water, to why it rains, and fun with and water guns and an all our water balloon battle in the play area.

Our field trip this week will be to FunPlex water park.

Food and Flavor Week – Aug 30th – Sept 2nd (Thursday)

We will explore foods from around the world.  What foods are grown and raised throughout the United States and different parts of the world.   Campers will be encouraged to explain cultural foods and how they are prepared (Samples optional 🙂   We will look at how food arrives at our markets and take an age appropriate look at the “supply chain” we are all hearing so much about these days.

With so many food options here in Mullica Hill, we plan to visit a few of the different establishments (walking tour) to learn more about their food and see how it is made.

Weekly Summary

Week # Week of Theme Title Activity / Field Trip Add'l Full Time Cost Add'l Part-Time Cost
1 June 20 Opening Week Blow - up activity $0 $5
2 June 27 Team Sports None Planned $0 $0
3 July 5 Life's a Picnic Outside Picnic / Fire Pit S'mores $0 $15
4 July 11 STEM Week Local Park for flight operations $0 $5
5 July 18 Lego Master Week Lego Land (Plymouth Meeting) $0 $20
6 July 25 Parkour and Ninja Week Washington Twp Pinnacle Parkour $25 $35
7 Aug1 Dino Week Delaware Museum of Natural History $0 $25
8 Aug 8 Quite a Character Storybook Land $20 $35
9 Aug 15 Into the Great Outdoors Cape May Zoo $0 $15
10 Aug 22 Water Fun Week FunPlex $20 $35
11 Aug 29 Food Fun Bowling $0 $15

*The cost of transportation and admission for most field trips is included for the Full-Time (5 Day/ Full Day) program.

Students opting for a Part-Time program (2,3,4 days / week or AM/PM Only) will have a field trip fee as noted above if they normally attend on Field Trip/Activity days (typically Fridays).  AM or PM Only campers must attend the full day on Friday if they are participating in a field trip.

Field trip destinations are subject to weather conditions, capacity limitations, and may still have COVID-19 restrictions.

Activity/Field trips and events will be scheduled for Fridays.  Field trip fees will be refunded if any field trip is canceled and an alternative trip cannot be planned.

Registration and Tuition Fees

Registration for the Summer Camp Program is limited and on a first come first served basis.   A 50% payment must be received to confirm your child(ren)’s spot in the program.   Full tuition is due before the start of the program.

Registration Fee: $50.00 per family.   Tuition is non-refundable however if you need to swap weeks due to changes in vacation plans, we will accommodate those changes space permitting.

Days Per Week Full Day Half AM (7:00am-12:30) Half PM (12:30-6:00pm)
5 $260 $150 $150
4* $235 $135 $135
3* $195 $120 $120
2* $135 $80 $80
Drop In** $65/day $40/day $40/day

*Due to staffing and licensing requirements, students registered for less than 5 day a week programs must indicate the days of the week they will attend. Drop-in days are subject to availability.
**Non-Full Time (5 days per week, Full day) students will incur the Full Day drop-in fee on Field Trip Days in addition to the listed Part-Time Field Trip Fee. 
**Non-Full Time (5 days per week, Full day) students will NOT incur the drop-in fee if the Field Trip falls on the students’ regularly scheduled day.  Only the Part-Time Field Trip fee will apply.

Please note that children must attend full-days on Fridays with field trips as all students go on the field trips


Register for all 11 weeks of the Summer Camp program and receive $150.00 tuition discount.

Multi-Child Families – 25% off tuition for each additional child

*Only one discount applies to each family

Daily Schedule

We believe it is important to include free play, structured fitness time, themed activities, and an element of academic focus each day.  The Academic focus/topic can be set by the parents or can be one of the many resources we have available for the students.

While minor variations will occur, our expected daily schedule is listed below.  On days with Open Swim or Field Trips, the schedule will vary.

AM and Full Day Schedule

7:00am – 8:00am Arrival, Breakfast (BYO), Free Play
8:00am – 8:30am Group Warm-up and Physical Activity
8:30am – 9:00am Academic time
9:00am – 10:00am Theme based activity
10:00am – 10:20am Morning Snack
10:20am – 12:00pm Free Play – Outdoor Activity time
12:00am – 12:30pm Lunch (BYO)

Full Day and PM schedule

12:30pm – 1:00pm Themed Craft
1:00pm – 1:45pm Physical Activity Time (Outdoor Play)
1:45pm – 2:15pm PM Academic Time
2:15pm – 3:00pm Free Play/Craft Time
3:00pm – 3:20pm PM Snack Time
3:20pm – 4:00pm Team Building / Group Activity
4:00pm – 6:00pm Free Play/Craft Time

Theme activities may include visiting experts, crafts people, or field trips.

Programming Notes

Permission Slips

In addition to the general registration information, most of our field trips will require an additional permission slip. We will provide these slips on the first day of each week.

Raccoon Valley Swim Club Visits

We are expecting to be able to offer open swim visits to the local swim club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   All students are required to come with us to the swim club, but they are not required to enter the water.  Floaties are allowed and the children must pass a swim test to be allowed in deeper water and the dive tank.

Lunch, Snacks and Food

  • Fun and Fit will provide AM and PM snacks each day.
  • Snacks options will typically include Fresh Fruit, Nutra-Grain Bars, Rice Works Chips, Pita Chips, Pretzels, Cheese Sticks.
  • Water is our preferred beverage and we do not serve soda of any kind.
  • If your child has a dietary restriction, you may provide an alternative snack.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Students must provide their own daily lunch.
  • We manage food allergies as necessary to ensure the safety of our students. Your child’s specific allergy information MUST be documented in their registration materials.

Dress Code and Sunscreen

  • We will advise on the suggested dress code and unique needs before each week.
  • For outdoor activities, we will happily apply provided sunscreen to children with permission from parents.

Completion of the Summer Camp Registration Packet

Fun and Fit Aftercare is a NJ State Licensed Child Care program and as such has mandatory documentation requirements for each student and staffer. Students may not be admitted to the program without the registration and medical documentation required by the State. All necessary forms and acknowledgements are in the registration packet.

Your child cannot be admitted to the center if their registration packet is incomplete. 

Health and Safety

  • Fun and Fit Aftercare staff are First Aid and CPR trained.
  • A first aid kit, including child specific medication, is taken with us anytime we leave the facility.
  • We manage any food allergies as necessary based on the needs of our students. If you have questions about this process, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all transportation to and from Field Trip venues will be provided by a registered transportation company.
  • No Fun and Fit Aftercare staff will transport students in personal vehicles.

Learn more about our physical curriculum and academic time on this page.