Summer Camp 2024 Program

Welcome to our Camp Fun and Fit Page

Registration for Our Summer 2024 Program will open Jan 15th

Alumni of our 2023 camp, current childcare and karate programs are given enrollment preference until February 1st (still subject to enrollment limits and first come first serve policy). 

We will accept ALL registrations starting January 15th, non-alumni will be notified on or about Feb 1st if we are able to accommodate their registration.

Thank you for visiting our Camp Fun and Fit 2024 program page.  We look forward to offering the most engaging, educational, and “funnest” summer camp experience possible.   The details of our program are listed below and included a summary of each of our 11 weeks including our field trip schedule.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have made every effort to finalize the program specifics as of  January 15, 2024 given the information we have available.  Our themes will not change, and our associated field trips are set although we cannot make reservations for some destinations until closer to the summer.   We are also in the process of verifying our schedule with the Raccoon Valley Swim Club for open swims.   Changes may be necessary as we progress through the coming months.   We appreciate you understanding an patience.

Our program is limited to a daily count of 65 children.  

Download the Summer Camp Registration Package HERE.

Important Notes

  • We are licensed to serve K-6th grade students in our program.
    • We can accept a limited number of 4 year olds who are siblings of K-6th grade enrollees.
  • With some exception, we cohort the children by age/grade – K-3rd and 4th-6th Grade
  • Our Summer Camp Program Hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Our phone number is 856-418-1592.
  • There is a two week minimum registration requirement.
  • How to request a Registration Packet:
    • You may go to the DOCUMENTS menu and download a PDF file
    • Send an Email to [email protected] to request a copy
    • Or call us 856-418-1592
    • If you call or e-mail we will add your child(ren)’s name to our Summer Program wait list for 1 week while we await your registration packet.

Summer Camp Program Themes

Our weeks are structured so that daily activities focus on the theme set for the week.   Our regular daily schedule is posted below.   Theme activities are mixed in throughout the day in the various cohorts (age/grade).

Unless otherwise specified, activities/field trips are scheduled for Fridays.

Opening Week – June 17th – June 21st

We will be ready to go when school is over.  This week is about fun and free play, crafts, and structured physical activities.  The week ends with our first field trip – a Bowling Party!

Parkour Week – June 24th – June 28th

A favorite week for alumni campers.   We will teach basic parkour skills (level – 1, no significant climbing or heights) during the week and then take our field trip to Washington Township Parkour for next level training and an immersive experience…. Let’s see who gets up the warped wall this year!!!!

Camp Fun and Fit’s Got Talent  – July 1st – July 3rd  (we are closed July 4th and 5th due to the holiday)

Campers will explore their individual talents and have the opportunity, as individuals, or small groups to prepare a skit, dance, song, comedy set, etc.   All will be invited to be part of our first Camp Fun and Fit Talent Show on Wednesday afternoon.   Parents are invited to come see it  live from our balcony and we are planning to live cast it on Zoom.

Flight Ops Week – July 8th – July 12th

Flight fascinates our campers and flight week is a perennial favorite.   We focus on age appropriate flight educational topics, toys (gliders, paper airplanes etc.), and activities.  Our PVS group will build model rockets (various degrees of difficulty based on experience.)

For our Field Trip – the entire group will go to the local park for kites, gliders, and of course our rocket launches.   All filmed by our drone 🙂

A Crafty Week– July 15th – July 19th

Campers will have a ton of fun creating the different crafts we have planned for them.  Make room for the take homes they will create.

Our activity this week will be in-house as D-Signed For You will be coming on-site to lead a special crafting session.

Once Upon a Time…Week – July 22th  – July 26th

Campers will engage in developing their own story book character.   Each camper will write a short story about their character.   The PVS (older campers) group will have to option to work individual on their stories or as a team to develop, write, and produce a short film.

Our Field Trip this week will be to Storybook Land.

Raptor Nation Week – July 29th – August 2nd

Campers will learn about different birds of prey through crafts, educational videos and activities.   Our field trip will be to the Raptor Conservation Trust and will be on THURSDAY August 1st.  

Lions, Tigers, and Bears –  Aug 5th– Aug 9th

A week of looking at different species of large cats, bears, and other predators.

Our field trip this week will be to the Cape May Zoo

Water, Water Everywhere Week – Aug 12th – Aug 16th

Water games, and exploration of freshwater environments topics make up this week.

Our PVS Cohort will do the very popular ecology walk through the Mullica Hill pond area with lunch on the go.

Our field trip this week is to the FunPlex Splash Park.

Where in the World – Aug 19th – Aug 23rd

Campers will explore the history, culture, language, foods, geographical makeup (and more) of four countries, one each from Europe (Actually the Scandinavian Countries), Asia (Nepal), S. America (Peru), and Africa (Egypt).   Families with a cultural history from any of these countries are invited to contribute knowledge, recipes, etc. to this week.

Our Field Trip this week is to Dutch Wonderland.   We had a great time last year, but due to the hours of operation, our time at the park was shorter than we would like.   PLEASE NOTE – THE FIELD TRIP WILL EXTENDED BEYOND NORMAL CAMP HOURS.   We Anticipate a return of 8:00pm on that day.  We will be providing dinner at the park as part of the field trip.   If this extended day timing does not work for your family, please do not sign up for attendance on Friday August 23rd.

A Fiery End to Summer – Home Town Heroes – Aug 26th – Aug 29th (Thursday)

Note – we are closed Friday August 30th

We will be celebrating our Home Town Heroes (Police, Fire, EMS).   We are planning to have the HTFD bring their apparatus to our parking lot and may be providing a “rain shower” for the kids….

Closing out camp with a picnic event is our tradition.   Hotdogs, Burgers, Watermelon etc. will be our fare.

Weekly Summary

Week # Week of Theme Title Activity / Field Trip FT Field Field Trip/Activity Fee PT Field Trip/Activity Fee
1 June 17 Opening Week Bowling Party $15 $20
2 June 24 - 28 Parkour Week Washington Twp Parkour Academy $40 $45
3 July 1 - 3* (Closed 4th and 5th) Fun & Fit's Got Talent In-house Talent Show $0 $0
4 July 8 - 12 Flight Operations Local Parks for Kites, Gliders and Rockets $15 $20
5 July 15-19 A Crafty Week In-house led by D-Signed For You $15 $20
6 July 22 - 26 Once Upon a Time .... Storybook Land $45 $50
7 July 29 - Aug 2 Raptor Nation The Raptor Trust/Wild Life Refuge $25 $30
8 Aug 5 - 9 Lions, Tigers, and Bears Cape May Zoo $20 $25
9 Aug 12 - 16 Water Week Fun Plex Splash Park $30 $35
10 Aug 19 - 23 Where in the World? Dutch Wonderland (Extended day) $50 $60
11 Aug 26 - 29* Home Town Heroes Picnic and HTFD visit $0 $0

Dates with an “*” indicate a variation from 5 day per week availability

There will be a specified drop off time on field trip days.  We contract with the destination and transportation company for specific time periods.   We reserve the right to depart without children who are not in attendance by the specified time.

Students opting for a Part-Time program (2,3,4 days / week) will have a field trip fee as noted above if they normally attend on Field Trip/Activity days (typically Fridays).

Field trip destinations are subject to weather conditions, capacity limitations, and may be altered if needed.

Activity/Field trips and events will be scheduled for Fridays except for the Raptor Trust Visit in week 7.  Field trip fees will be refunded if any field trip is canceled and an alternative trip cannot be planned.

Parent chaperones are welcome on most trips and we pay admission and offer transportation space permitting.   Chaperone spots are limited however.  Please let us know if you would like to be a chaperone for a trip.   Chaperones are expected to participate in managing a group while on-site.   Additional siblings are not allowed on the trip.   If you have a younger child and still want to participate, we encourage you to plan your visit to coincide with ours and enjoy the destination along side the campers.

Registration and Tuition Fees

Registration Fee:  $50 individual camper; $75 per family

  • The registration fee is waived in full payment is received by May 1, 2024

Early Registration (January 2024 – May 1, 2024)

  • We offer early registration to our camp starting in January.
  • You can reserve a spot for a $150.00 non-refundable deposit per child.
  • Final payments are then due as noted in the registration materials.
  • You must submit all registration materials, including a Registration Calculator with your expected days of attendance, to hold your spot.
  • You may adjust your child’s selected weeks, if needed, until May 1st.  (Changes to the schedule are based on availability of your alternative choices.)

Registration (May 1, 2024 until program closure)

  • Registration for the Summer Camp Program is limited and on a first come first served basis.
  • Alumni of our 2023 camp, current childcare and karate programs are given preference until February 1st.
  • If you register after May 1st,  a payment of half of the tuition amount is due to confirm your child(ren)’s spot in the program.
  • Full tuition is due by June 15th.

Tuition is non-refundable.   However if you need to swap weeks due to changes in vacation plans, we will accommodate those changes space permitting.   

Please note, after May 1, 2024, there is a $25 change fee per request.


Days Per Week Tuition
5 $290
4* $270
3* $220
2* $160
Drop In** $75/day


*Due to staffing and licensing requirements, students registered for less than 5 day a week programs must indicate the days of the week they will attend.

**Drop in days are defined as additional days of participation during weeks when the child is already scheduled to participate.  Requests to participate on non-scheduled weeks are subject to the two-day minimum.

**Drop-in days are subject to availability.

**Non-Full Time (5 days per week) students will incur the drop-in fee on Field Trip Days in addition to the listed Part-Time Field Trip Fee.

**Non-Full Time (5 days per week) students will NOT incur the drop-in fee if the Field Trip falls on the students’ regularly scheduled day.  Only the Part-Time Field Trip fee will apply.


Register for more than 44 days of Summer Camp program and receive $150.00 tuition discount.

Multi-Child Families – 15% off tuition for each additional child.

*Only one discount applies to each family.

Daily Schedule

We believe it is important to include free play, structured fitness time, themed activities, and an element of academic focus each day.  Typically, the Academic focus/topic is tied that week’s theme and/or grade appropriate skills.

While minor variations will occur due to cohorting needs, our expected daily schedule is listed below.

On days with Open Swim or Field Trips, the schedule will vary.

Your child can attend during any or all of the hours listed.   There is no specific drop off time required, except on field trip days.   


7:00am – 8:00am Arrival, Breakfast (BYO), Free Play
8:00am – 8:30am Group Warm-up and Physical Activity
8:30am – 9:00am Academic time
9:00am – 10:00am Theme based activity
10:00am – 10:20am Morning Snack (BYO)
10:20am – 12:00pm Free Play – Outdoor Activity time
12:00am – 12:30pm Lunch (BYO)


12:30pm – 1:00pm Themed Craft
1:00pm – 1:45pm Physical Activity Time (Outdoor Play)
1:45pm – 2:15pm PM Academic Time
2:15pm – 3:00pm Free Play/Craft Time
3:00pm – 3:20pm PM Snack Time
3:20pm – 4:00pm Team Building / Group Activity
4:00pm – 6:00pm Free Play/Craft Time

Theme activities may include visiting experts, crafts people, or field trips.

Programming Notes

Activities that Make Memories

Camp Fun and Fit has some unique activities that will build memories for your children.

Alumni often bring up and look forward to activities we have done in previous years….From our campfire circle with our “Charlie the Vanilla Snipe” stories, to running the Blackbelt path, Bubbles the Dragon, Eco Walks, even our catch and release bug cup program, our staff strive to provide experiences that are unique, meaningful, and memorable.


Permission Slips

In addition to the general registration information, some of our field trips will require an additional permission slip. We will provide these slips on the first day of each week.

Raccoon Valley Swim Club Visits

We are expecting to be able to offer open swim visits to the local swim club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.    Floaties are allowed and the children must pass a swim test to be allowed in deeper water and the dive tank.

Children may opt out of swim activities and remain behind at the center staffin permitted.

Lunch, Snacks and Food

  • Fun and Fit will provide an afternoon snack each day.
  • Snacks options will typically include Fruit, Nutri-Grain Bars, Pita Chips,  Pretzels, Veggie Straws, and Cheese Sticks just to name a few.
  • Water is our preferred beverage and we do not serve soda of any kind.
  • If your child has a dietary restriction, you may provide an alternative snack.
  • Unless otherwise noted, parents must provide MORNING SNACK and LUNCH.
  • We manage food allergies as necessary to ensure the safety of our students. Your child’s specific allergy information MUST be documented in their registration materials.

Dress Code, Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

  • Play clothes (t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers) are required on all camp days.  Our campers are active inside and outside.
  • If a unique situation dictates a change in dress code, we will advise you in advance.  Sneakers are required for ALL FIELD TRIPS and SWIM DAYS.
  • For outdoor activities, we will happily apply the provided sunscreen and/or insect repellant to children with a signed permission slip.   Please provide a labeled bottle in a ziploc bag with the child’s name, of the products your wish us to use.  Note: SPRAY sunscreen is required.

Completion of the Summer Camp Registration Packet

Fun and Fit Aftercare is a NJ State Licensed Child Care program and as such has mandatory documentation requirements for each student and staffer. Students may not be admitted to the program without the registration and medical documentation required by the State. All necessary forms and acknowledgements are in the registration packet.

Your child cannot be admitted to the center if their registration packet is incomplete. 

Health and Safety

  • Fun and Fit Aftercare staff are First Aid and CPR trained.
  • A first aid kit, including child specific medication, is taken with us anytime we leave the facility.
  • We manage any food allergies as necessary based on the needs of our students. If you have questions about this process, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all transportation to and from Field Trip venues will be provided by a registered transportation company.
  • No Fun and Fit Aftercare staff will transport students in personal vehicles.


Note:  While the greatest care and attention to detail possible have gone into creating our summer program, and this page, changes are possible due to circumstances that arise during the course of the coming months.  We appreciate your understanding.