The Fun and Fit Difference

As our tag suggests – we are a different approach to extended care in Mullica Hill.  The majority of programs in our area are not dedicated extended care programs.   Rather, they are infant and pre-school programs that offer after school to students – typically alumni of their program or older siblings.   The environment is not differentiated between the age groups and programming is very similar.   These factors, in our opinion, are not optimal for school age children.

Activity based programming not baby sitting

Fun and Fit Aftercare (we do offer before care as well) provides an engaging and enriching structured environment.   Our students don’t sit on the floor and gaze into an electronic device.  The structured daily schedule ensures that children have a balance of physical activity, academic time, and creative down time.

We know that physical activities helps our students burn off that pent up energy from a long school day allowing them to better transition through the rest of their day.

With scheduled supervised homework time, our students complete their assignments (complete, and checked for accuracy).   For parents and students alike, there is less stress at the end of the day and more opportunity for family time.

Free play, creative time, and social interaction are the balance of the day.   The children have many engaging options to enjoy during the remainder of their time with us.     Our goal is that your child is happy and relaxed child at pick-up time.

Changes for children transitioning into Kindergarten

We understand that the transition from pre-school to kindergarten is an exciting time for many children.   We also know from experience, that every child will have a wide spectrum of feelings about this transition – as will many parents.

For those who have been in a full day pre-school program, they will be familiar with an environment, the staff and that routine.  Much of that routine will be replaced when they start full day kindergarten, and many children will look forward to meeting new friends and growing into a new environment.

In the early weeks of the school year – our program is focused on learning the individual needs of the children and families that we serve.   We often find very outgoing children transition easily.  We know that more introspective/shy children need a deeper 1-1 connection with staff and a sense of security and familiarity to make the transition.   Our staff and our environment is flexible enough to provide support for all personalities we encounter.   We offer recurring tours and visitations to familiarize the students before school starts.   We allow parents to accompany their child into the program for the first few days.  Sometimes, ensuring the parent is comfortable is the bigger part of our role.

Transitioning older children into the program

PVS children who transition into our program are impressed that we are not a per-school environment.   For those who attended a pre-school program that also functions as an after school program the difference in the environment is tremendous.   The focus of most pre-school programs is just that – the pre-schoolers and that is the number one concern we hear from those students who take tours – they want to be sure the environment isn’t “Babyish”.     Once they see the scope of activities, the different spaces throughout the building, and learn more about how we run the program, they become even more excited about coming to Fun and Fit.

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